Tondano City

I am grateful to be born and raised in an area that upholds the values of tolerance. Its people tightly hold the bonds of brotherhood even though they differ in religion and beliefs. This is a crucial value to emulate.

Differences shouldn't be forced to become one, but rather coexist. Isn't it in human nature to be diverse? So, why should differences be a reason to hurt each other???

Taman Godbless Tondano by Mytravelandscape

This photo was taken in Tondano City, a small city located on the edge of Lake Tondano. A Pentecostal Church stands here, and while there are many churches in the area, this one caught my attention because it's situated right on the banks of the Tondano River. This river flows from Lake Tondano to Manado City.

One thing I admire about this city is the harmony between the Christian and Muslim communities that has been established for centuries. Christianity was introduced to Tondano by Dutch missionaries and became the majority religion. On the other hand, Islam in Tondano is said to have been brought by a Javanese hero named Kyai Modjo and his followers, who were exiled by the Dutch after their resistance in Java alongside Prince Diponegoro.

Surprisingly, this exile led to the creation of a Muslim community known as "Jawa Tondano," which now coexists with the Christian community in Tondano. Every year, when Eid Mubarak comes, the Christian community in Tondano joins in the celebration, and likewise, when Christmas arrives, the Jawa Tondano community participates.

This is how strong tolerance is cultivated in North Sulawesi, making its people proudly known as the most tolerant in Indonesia.

Until next time. Thank you for reading my post.

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